The Retreat Overview

bocas jiu jitsu retrear caribbean

General Overview

Experience the beauty that Bocas del Toro has to offer with a 5 DAYS, 5 ISLANDS, ALL INCLUDED "Bocas Jiu-Jitsu Caribbean Retreat" and learn self defense as well from our paradise in the caribbean!

Our friendly international staff will make sure you enjoy the vibe and the accommodations which include: Spacious Dorms, Cozy Private Rooms, Healthy Nutrition, free Wi-fi, Ocean swimming pools, Island Hoping, Snorkeling, Surf & Yoga Lessons, Water Swings, Tanning and Lounge Areas and Much More..

You will have the opportunity to see so much from bocas, enjoy the exotic food, you will travel among 5 islands which each of those have most of the beautiful beaches in the world!, and at the same time you will meet a lot of new friends, the local business, network with business owners, entrepreneurs, web developers, athelets, chefs, other retreat companions, ONGs, etc.

everyone can come to the retreat

Who can Attend

"Bocas Jij-jitsu" is designed for everyone, from all ages and level of experience from white to black belts, boys and girls too since we try to encourge women self defense too, also the retreat is not only for Jiu-jitsu students but for everyone who would like to come and visit bocas and learn a new aspect of the islands since we will be offering nutrition lessons with local ingridients, tours between islands and spectacular hikes with paradisiatic beaches and nature.

everyone can come to the retreat

5 Days, 5 Islands

The retreat starts every wednesdays with a Open Mat while we wait from everyone to arrive following by an introduction dinner, The next day will start with a healthy snack, stretching and jiu-jitsu warmup session following by a healthy breakfast, that same morning we will be heading to one of the islands for another jiu-jitsu and stretching lesson and enjoy a nice lunch and after we will tour to another island to a paradisiatic beach to enjoy ,surf lession options, snorkeling, paddeling and more.

bocas island tours

Activities schedule

Wednesday Welcoming 12:00 to 6:00PM
Introduction Dinner (Colon) 7:00PM
Thursday Morning Session & breakfast 8:00 AM
First Island Session (Carenero) 11:00 AM
First Day Dinner 6:30PM
Friday Morning Session & breakfast & Open Mat 8:00AM
Bocas del Toro Big Tour! 10:30AM
Bocas del Toro Big Tour! 10:30PM
Saturday Detox Morning Session & breakfast 8:45AM
Detox & Stretching Session (Red Frog) 11:45AM
Open Mat 4:00PM
Dinner & Town Walk Tour 7:00PM
Sunday Morning Session & Lessons Review 8:00AM
Sunday Goodbye 11:00AM
how to get to bocas del toro, panama

How to get to Bocas del Toro

Flight: you can Fly directly to Bocas del Toro from Panamá City & Costa Rica,

Bus: First you need to travel to Republic of Panamá and head to Almirante in Bocas del Toro province, the easiest way is from the "Terminal de Buses" in Albrook with a direct bus ticket, is a $3 (8hours) ticket approx, once you get to Almirante you will need to take a 20mins taxi boat that will take you to the main island where we will be expecting for you.